Welcome to the brand new Bruno Beran website and to this “Community” area in particular, so named because it is open for outside contributions. So if you have a memory or a picture or some other slant on the events depicted, do supply them via the contacts page and I’ll endeavour to include them as a future entry.

a welcomeReturning to the website as a whole, you will note that it serves two purposes; first a record of my Grandfather, Bruno Beran’s life and work, second as a platform for his artworks that are available for you to purchase. It has been a large but worthwhile effort getting this far – photographing and describing 600 items of art; researching, translating and reconciling versions of his life; and pulling together a mass of contextual information – and that’s not counting the work involved in putting this website together.

A glance at the Time Line will reveal that Bruno packed at least two lifetimes into the one, partly his innate energy, but partly through the force of circumstance as war followed war obliged Bruno and his wife Irene to leave one life behind and begin a new one under different skies.

A positive aspect of this though is that it means there is a wealth of material that can feed future blog entries and to add further galleries and history topics. In that respect this website is still under construction so bookmark it and come back at intervals to check for new material.

Before signing off from this first blog entry, a big thank you is due to Gavin Hookham of redelevencreative.com who has put together the framework of this site and keeps me on the straight and narrow about what can and can’t be done, and also my daughter, Fay Brooks, who played a big part is photographing and processing the large number of images and will continue to have a major role in developing the business side of the enterprise.

Thank you for your visit. 

Max Beran