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The family of artist Bruno Beran (1888-1979) hold a considerable number of his pictures which they believe ought to be on display in people’s homes.

They believe also that providing you with background to his life and examples of his other work will inform your choice and enhance your appreciation and enjoyment.

Bruno Beran’s formative years - the early decades of the 20th century - were ground-breaking for European art, as well as political turmoil. Both aspects are evident in Bruno’s life and work. So, should you choose to purchase from the 500-plus works of art available here you will have on the wall of your home a window into that world. But even if not, there is much here to bring to life and interest you about the period and the cultural developments taking place, developments strongly informing artistic taste to this day.


Our artist was born in Brno, historic capital city of Moravia which was then a province of Franz-Joseph’s Austro-Hungarian empire, and now part of the Czech Republic. The first three of Bruno’s nine decades were of course formative years, and even in his pre-teens he displayed unusual artistic and musical talent. But after family tragedy and a chance meeting it was art that eventually took precedence and we will see how he studied at the most prestigious academies of his time in Vienna, Munich and Paris. These three cities also happened to be Europe’s three great poles of artistic inventiveness and the modern movement – Secession, Expression and Impressionism, Jugendstil, Fauve, Cubism among others.

We will see through the website’s history pages how alternating tragic events and artistic success framed Bruno’s subsequent life driving him beyond central Europe to the New World and finally a return to his beloved Spain. We have noted already how Bruno’s personal preferences had to make way to force majeure, often of a political nature. Perhaps the most fundamental of these from an artistic perspective was his need to make a living from portraiture. Those portraits are acknowledged to exhibit an extraordinary talent and unerring eye even though he himself felt limited by painting to commission. However the imperative of a living wage plus the nomadic life he was forced to lead did result in this large legacy of works now available to the public.

“Gallery” pages illustrate Bruno’s own development, born into the classical tradition but drawn ever more strongly to the modern movement. The influence here of Irene, his wife, also shines through as a cultured woman, accomplished in music, and herself supportive as a collector of mould-breaking artists in Vienna and Munich.

The sales area, “Own your own Beran” includes more than 500 works of art but is constructed so that you may conveniently “drill down” to the ones that attract you, linking from there to an enquiry form so that details can be finalised – price, frame, shipping etc.

The site also includes a “Community” area where news “nuggets” and events can be shown, likewise feedback from site visitors. 

Though generously sized, none of the images on this website may be used for commercial purpose as all are in private, mostly family, hands or otherwise in public or commercial gallery ownership. Use of the images for study or research purposes is encouraged so long as full attribution is given to the site and to the current owners where provided.