Are you interested in owning a "Beran" or just want to browse what we have for sale? If so follow these simple steps.

Further details are shown below.

Step 1:

You just wish to browse or maybe you already know what sort of picture you would prefer on your wall. In either case use the drop-down selections on the right to narrow your search accordingly - for example by subject matter and size.

Step 2:

Click on SEARCH to bring up thumbnails of all available works corresponding to your selection. Clicking on a thumbnail enlarges the picture and reveals further details. Pressing "BACK TO SEARCH RESULTS" returns you to the thumbnail gallery.

Step 3:

Having chosen your picture make a note of its catalogue number, then follow the "MAKE AN ENQUIRY" link to discuss final arrangements for payment, shipping etc.

Narrowing the field

The following drop-down choices will narrow the field and restrict the thumbnails to that subset.

  • sales 1

    Category - indicates the level of finish; the actual medium of the picture is shown in the description below the enlarged image.
  • Price - a range not including shipping or frame: A means below £50, B up to £150, C up to £500 and D means more than £500. N means not currently for sale.
  • Size - bands are according to the diagonal measurement of the picture itself.
  • Format - in most cases this will be either Portrait (height greater than width) or Landscape (width greater than height). Pictures are classed as Square if the two dimensions are within 10 percent and Horizontal or Vertical if unusually elongated (ratio of more than 2) in that direction.
  • Theme - relates to the subject matter of the work and is hopefully self explanatory.

Describing the Picture

Additional information associated with the enlarged image includes:

  • Title - Bruno Beran rarely provides a title so the names shown above the image are for the most part summary descriptions of the subject.
  • Description - A little more background about the picture.
  • Medium - Shows the actual medium and material, for example Oil on Canvas, Charcoal on Paper.
  • Decade - When the picture was made. This can sometimes be pinpointed, maybe even written on the frame, but more usually it is estimated from the style and subject.
  • Size - Width x Height of the picture.
  • Frame - Description of frame with dimensions.
  • Catalogue No - A crucial number required for our identification.


sales 2Submit the contact form to finalise your purchase making sure you quote catalogue number(s). You may want a more detailed image or more information about the frame and condition. We are pleased to share information, to discuss shipping or collection and, of course, settle on a final price.

We are happy to accept payment as Sterling or Euros at the rate of exchange of the day. Non-sterling remittances from outside the UK should be by SWIFT transfer. BACS transfer preferred within UK.