bruno beran

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Self Portrait


The work is in Joan Oliver Fuster's Collection and is reproduced in the "Self Portraits" Gallery on this site. The artist is in his mid-30s and he has chosen a  posture with a neutral background that is very characteristic of many protraits. It is an early exploration by Bruno of the use of pastel for portraiture and shows his ability to allow the "soul" of the subject to emerge as much in this medium as when he paints in oil.

In the "Galleries" area of the website we present the many "absent friends", not in my collection of Bruno Beran's works or available for sale here. Though numbered in the hundreds, my collection represents a small fraction of what must surely have amounted to several thousand produced in the course of his long and industrious life. Portraits were sold to those who commissioned them, other subjects to members of the public purchased through galleries or at frequent exhibitions. It is unfortunately also the case that much early work was stolen, confiscated or destroyed.

  • Roessler Gallery. We have very few examples of the earliest work so we are grateful for Arthur Roessler's poetic analysis of Bruno Beran's stylistic development and sources of inspiration, but mostly for the 33 pictures reproduced here and taken from his 1932 biography of Bruno.
  • Museum of Majorca donation. The 18 works reproduced here from the 2005 Museum catalogue were donated by Bruno Beran to the Museu de Mallorca and are quite representative of his style and interests. As a fully integrated member of Balearic Islands' artistic circles, Bruno wished to rectify the absence of a public gallery space. He first donated two examples of his work to the Museum of Majorca in 1977 and a further 16 shortly before his death. He also assisted the conversion of an upper area of the Museum into a gallery.
  • Subjects planned for future Galleries included Self Portraits, Portraits of Notable Figures, and Pictures from the New World.